Waynewood Art Show

April 12, 2023

As part of Arts Education Month the art teachers at Waynewood Elementary have put together a schoolwide art display that depicts an art project from every Waynewood artist!  Every student worked to participate in this fantastic art show. During art class, artists chose a favorite project that they created during the year to be displayed.  After framing their work students created an artist statement that included a description of their work and materials used. Each artist also created a title for their work and then hung their project around the school!  

During the Daily Owl News students from each grade level talked about art show etiquette and some of the projects that their grade level featured.

The walls and showcases are filled with amazing artwork from every student at Waynewood!  It is amazing to walk up and down the hallways to see a variety of artwork from all grade levels.  Students love the opportunity to see their artwork and the artwork of their fellow Owls wrapped around the entire school!