Portrait of a Graduate Lab - Fall Update

By Melissa Sullivan
November 21, 2023

This year students at Waynewood have weekly opportunities to visit the Portrait of a Graduate (POG) Lab. During POG Lab students have spent time developing critical and creative thinking skills and practicing collaboration.

In the lab, our students tackle intricate problems and puzzles designed to stretch their cognitive boundaries. Each day the lab is busy with the hum of minds at work, as students hone their analytical skills, expand their attention to detail, and collectively explore innovative solutions.

Transforming our lab into a haven for creativity, students are encouraged to unleash their imagination. From brainstorming unique solutions to project challenges to expressing creativity through technology, building challenges and video design our lab is a canvas for self-expression and innovation. The lab was filled daily with the excitement of discovery and the joy of creating something entirely new.

Teamwork takes center stage as our students engage in collaborative exercises that emphasize effective communication and trust. Through shared goals and cooperative efforts, the discover the power of collaboration, reinforcing the belief that together, we achieve more.

Grade Level Activities in the Lab:

  • Kindergarteners worked on various stations in October, where they learned crucial skills such as sorting, building, recognizing patterns, and solving puzzles. They also played math games to strengthen their understanding of numbers.
  • First graders tackled building challenges. They were introduced to the design and engineering process, which taught them the value of brainstorming, planning, and experimenting to improve their ideas.
  • Second graders have been practicing critical and creative thinking skills, most recently planning and writing their own version of the The Three Little Pigs to demonstrate their knowledge of animals and habitats.
  • Third-grade students took on the role of web curators following their classroom studies on ladybugs. Their websites were created to educate others about these fascinating creatures.
  • Fourth-grade students created an online museum that showcases the regions of Virginia . The project was developed using Google Slides.
  • After learning about pixels, 5th grade completed their own pixel art. As they worked they practiced giving and receiving feedback from classmates.
  • 6th grade is wrapping up their Saving the Earth PBL. After Thanksgiving they will be teaching the rest of the school, teachers included, about ways Waynewood students can help the environment.

As our Portrait of a Graduate journey continues, anticipate more updates on the exciting developments taking place within our lab. Stay tuned for further insights into the educational evolution that is shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

Kathryn Adams, Advanced Academics Resource Teacher

Beth Holt, Math Resource Teacher

Melissa Sullivan, School Based Technology Specialist