Outdoor Learning Spaces

By Melissa Sullivan
March 17, 2022

Outdoor learning spaces became very popular with students, teachers and staff when students returned to school buildings in the spring of 2021.   Students used yoga mats and picnic blankets to create learning spaces as staff explored ways to create outdoor learning environments. 

Enter Colin Baxter, a former Waynewood Owl, current student at West Potomac High School and Boy Scout.  Colin contacted Mrs. Cachine looking for an Eagle Scout project to earn his Boy Scout Eagle Award.  They worked together to identify the need for tables around the outside of the building.  After considering his options Colin wrote his proposal and went right to work.

Earlier this month Colin completed the project.  There are now four large wooden tables outside of door three that have been very popular with students and staff as an additional learning and eating space.

Thank you to Colin for giving back to your school!