Waynewood Celebrates Month of the Military Child

By Melissa Sullivan
April 29, 2024

Celebrating Strength and Resilience: Waynewood's Month of the Military Child Activities

April is a time to recognize the incredible contributions of military children. Here at Waynewood we celebrated these strong and adaptable youngsters throughout the month with a variety of engaging activities.

A Sea of Purple Pride and Sweet Treats

The official color for the Month of the Military Child is a vibrant purple. To kick things off, we encouraged everyone to wear purple every Friday in April. It was a heartwarming sight to see the hallways filled with a sea of purple, showcasing our unwavering support for our military families. To add to the celebratory mood, we also sent home purple lollipops with students as a sweet treat!

Military Family Display in the Halls

We proudly displayed a collection of military family pictures in the library hallway throughout the month. This visual representation of the strength and sacrifices made by our military families served as a constant reminder of the students we are so honored to have in our school community.

Trivia Tuesdays Tested Our Knowledge

Learning can be fun, especially when it involves a little friendly competition! Every week during April, the school announcements and morning news shows featured exciting trivia questions about the military. Students put their knowledge to the test, learning interesting facts about the different branches of service, historical military figures, and the vital role families play in supporting our nation's heroes.

Coffee, Connection, and Fun for All

On April 19, we hosted a special coffee social specifically for military families. This event provided a welcoming space for parents to connect, share experiences, and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee. It was wonderful to offer a space for families to come together.

Poster Power: Showcasing Military Spirit

Our grade level military clubs had a special challenge. The challenge? To design a poster that celebrated military families or depicted the strength and resilience of military children. Students poured their creativity onto paper, crafting inspiring posters that were proudly displayed in the school hallways, serving as a constant reminder of the incredible young people within our school community.

April's Month of the Military Child was an amazing showcase of our military connected families. It provided a platform to recognize the unique experiences of military families and celebrate the remarkable spirit of military children. We look forward to continuing to support these inspiring young individuals throughout the school year!