Waynewood Ecoschools

      The Rain Gardens 

around the school there are what seem like ponds with plants instead of water .These are  Bio Retention ponds ,  Bio Retention ponds are  made to improve  the water  quality of  near by  body's of water  it is also used  to  control rain water  and prevent  flooding  and erosion . If  you look closely  you'll see a variety of plants the 5th grade planted these there are about 346 plants .Some  of  the  plants are Beebalm, Irises  and Milkweed . 











The Eco-Code Student Survey

The Eco-Code survey was a major step in learning about the students of Waynewood.  We learned their waste habits, motto ideas, playground and garden ideas, and more!  Our results go as follows:

  • Most people who took the survey are in 6th grade
  • Most people always bring reusable containers to lunch
  • Most people always recycle in the classroom
  • Most people always recycle in the cafeteria
  • Most people always turn off the lights when they leave a room
  • Most people always turn off the TV or projector when it is not in use
  • Most people never walk or bike to school
  • Most people ride in a car to school
  • Most people never take the bus to school
  • Most people suggested this motto: 'waynewood we recycle'
  • Most people suggested this for an outdoor habitat: 'Planting lots of plants and putting down good soil for plants to grow in. (and watering the plants).'

Eighty-four people took our survey.

-Clay Carter, January 18, 2018

Kindergarten Dreams Up a Playground

Kindergarten has created a toy-lover's wonderland with candy, arts, and crafting materials. Today I talked to Ms. Hanson about the projects. The main question they were trying to answer was "How can you as an engineer create a piece of playground equipment that is safe and fun for the Kindergarteners?" They answered it with mind-blowing creativity! These little kids created magnificent sculptures with Play Dough, pumpkin gumdrops, straws, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, cardboard tubes, tin foil, and tape. Before planning, they watched videos about people building playgrounds in both schools, and in their backyards. Then, the lead engineer of the renovations visited them and talked about the building process. Paper sketches were made to plan the playgrounds and get an idea of the materials the kindergarteners would be using. Afterwards, they built the playgrounds with the provided materials and had very much fun!

-Clay Carter, January 18, 2018

EcoAction Team Creates First Raised Bed